The sumEDGE

A relationship with us is best defined in our business, development and design processes. Years of experience have helped us create a winning formula that provides clients with outstanding brand solutions and superb client services. Our commitment to excellence is consistent through our strategic, creative, production and technical processes; our project methodology; and, the quality assurance that surrounds it.

Good planning is essential to quality results and that’s why we devote a proportionate amount of time to ensuring that required elements have been considered in producing solutions that ultimately work for you. We design and deliver through a four-step process – giving our clients an advantage we call the EDGE.


Successful relationships are built on understanding. Successful brands are built on communications knowledge and tactical expertise. When you engage us, you work with people who listen. Our first goal is to gain solid insight into your destination, to understand what moves your organization, inspires your audience and drives your employees.
We make it our business to understand yours.

Investing additional time in planning and organization up front, we facilitate smooth transitions throughout a project – ultimately delivering peace-of-mind and measurable, meaningful results.

Activities: Client Consultation > Communications/Brand Audit > Environmental Review


Creativity is not guided by a whim, but by discipline and experience. Our senior directors provide strategic guidance, determine tactical solutions, and shape visual and written communication messages – conscious of clients’ corporate culture, audience, and anticipated results.

Activities: Develop Strategy > Deliver Tactical/Technical Recommendations > Produce Creative > Collaborate with Client


Your expectations are our goal as we move into production. Using what we’ve learned about you and your audiences, we generate engaging creative solutions that drive increased conversations between you and your customers.

Activities: Implement Strategic/Tactical Considerations


We provide effective communications through dynamic, purpose-driven strategies. We deliver quality work on time, and on budget. Yet it is through our deliberate approach and understanding of industry best practices that we ensure your communications mix engages its intended audience. By integrating and then optimizing your potential across a range of communications channels, we bring creative solutions, stronger messaging and increased value to your message.

It is the power of our strategic communications management that gives you the sumEDGE.

Activities: Deliver Solutions > Measure Results


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